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New date for SafeTitan crypto coin ICO launch, set for October 14 – Augusta Free Press

Published Sunday, Aug. 15, 2021, 10:04 am
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The ICO date for the new crypto token SafeTitan (STTN) will be pushed back according to reports on the company’s official blog. While many investors have been eagerly waiting to dig their teeth into the token pool since July, they’ll have to wait until October 14, 2021.
A second push-back, the new ICO launch shows a commitment to the token versus a ‘rug pull’ or money grab.  The company has been more focused on infrastructure than getting buyers, though there’s clarity that some buyers deserve buy-in options now.
To satisfy early STTN ICO registrants, one option has been created. Their blog reads: .
“Due to the delays we’ve decided to offer an opportunity for our early registrants and general supporters to participate in a presale. We’ve allocated 1% of tokens for the presale. 0.5% will be allocated to our early supporters and 0.5% of general registrants will be randomly selected. Those selected to participate in the presale will receive a bonus of 20% of additional SafeTitan tokens. We will be emailing winners over the next few days.”
The official statement explains that they’re finding needs for additional staffing with the fast growth.  Thousands of people have been visiting the website, reddit, instagram, facebook, and twitter.   A community management team is being hired to keep up.
Safetitan also claims that “Security and stability are two of the fundamental standards within the SafeTitan foundation, ” which created a need for an expert in token technology.  Notably, they’ve added two senior developers to their team to upgrade security protocols.
Paying attention to the social media of SafeTitan will be key for investors beginning today.
Users will need to register to purchase STTN tokens before October 9th. The initial coin offering of the new BEP20 cryptocurrency will happen via their official website on October 14th.  Users will need to log-in that Thursday to, an online launch platform. The app process will verify all registrants before the ICO launch.The actual token launch will happen nearly a week later, on October 20th.
After this token is public, SafeTitan investors on Binance will need to use DeFi exchange platform Pancake Swap, for cross-chain linking.. The ‘China token‘ is paired with BNB.   If not aware, Binance’s BNB-token is heavily popular.
On July 31, Binance’s smart-chain out performed Ethereum blockchain, handling nearly 8x more transactions that day.  And the leader of BNB & BEP20 culture, the CEO of Binance,  says those numbers could double soon.   Most analysts attribute the growth to GameFi and even mention SafeTitan as a token for the future of Decentralized Finance or cryptocurrency loans.
Once SafeTitan goes public on Pancake Swap, over 13.5 million active users in 2021 will have access to trading $STTN cryptocoins. More than 1 million wallets are currently registered with the exchange showing a $9 billion in trading volume. While there are similar DEX services such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap is the largest one in the Binance network.
SafeTitan is making noise in the crypto world because of the company’s big marketing plans. Their potential marketing reach is reportedly over 1 billion people all around the world. And despite recent crackdowns on cryptocurrency by China, the coin will focus marketing efforts there.
These efforts include awarding users 500,000 STTN to perform ‘micro tasks’. These include garnering social media likes and shares, such as on Twitter. They are also rallying interest by giving away a unique NFT which cannot be replicated, to one lucky user.
There is also the SafeTitan 100, a powerful group of influencers who will market the coin to their own networks. While no details are known on this plan yet, a group of 100 influencers will take to the biggest social media sites for promotion. This includes sites like Reddit, Telegram, and Facebook, giving the coin a massive push.
Coin price is set for $0.005 with a minimum required purchase of $10 and a maximum of $1000. This helps even out the playing field and protect against token hungry ‘crypto whales’. The company also reported massive interest in the ICO. They cite that registration and traffic activity signal 67,000 potential registrants for October 14. The coin has a set supply of 980,000,000 STTN for its ICO date.
SafeTitan has all the framework to become a crypto moon shot. Perhaps the biggest of crypto moon shoots in 2021 with one cryptos subreddit community topic, which shills a bit, suggesting a 1000x skyrocket of value.
Originally, ICOs were a way to buy and sell crypto tokens before they were offered to the public. While it gave those with insider access a great opportunity to invest, some were left out. IDOs (Initial Decentralized Exchange Offerings) cut out the middleman and made the project available in a decentralized exchange network.
However, there is still a third party vetting each transaction, but the transactions are still happening in a decentralized network. Ultimately it comes down to fairness. ICOs will typically offer insiders the opportunity to buy at a lower price before it’s listed publicly. IDOs are immediately available for trading and there’s no lock up periods like in ICOs.
One notable project with an upcoming IDO in August is Creator Platform (CTR), a BaaS that aims to empower the NFT economy. If you’re not yet familiar with the term, NFT’s or Non-Fungible Tokens are gaining popularity as a way to own digital art. With artists such as Grimes selling a 50-second video for $390,000, and the $3,600 Gucci Ghost, art collectors and amateurs are rejoicing.
NFT’s are sold digitally and are stored in blockchains (that are NFT-compatible). Oftentimes blockchain applications to exchange NFT’s have low performance or have fees, making it a tedious experience. Creator Platform seeks to make this transaction more accessible for sellers, buyers, and developers.
By offering a multitude of built-in services to create a better experience for users such as a No Code Smart Contract and Low Code DApp. A Defi service also makes it easier to pay or exchange loyalty assets. The platform also provides loyalty programs to reduce fees, save on deployment costs, and make the overall user experience better.
One coin overtaking Bitcoin in the crypto market is Ethereum (ETH) which surged in the first half of the year. According to Coinbase Global, the biggest crypto exchange in the US, ETH has grown faster than Bitcoin this year. Ethereum is also notable because most NFTs are bought and sold on its encrypted blockchain.
However, this also revealed that Ethereum, like Bitcoin, required massive amounts of environment-damaging computing power. To remedy this, ETH announced “The Merge”, an upgrade that promises to cut energy consumption by 99%. If true, this would position the crypto currency as the “green” choice in the future.
Data from 20 major worldwide exchanges show that Bitcoin trading volume grew 489% for the period. However, Ether grew an impressive 1,461% in that same period. This was the first time in crypto history that Ether exceeded Bitcoin’s pace, establishing it as the second largest crypto currency.
This gain represents large investors who are entering into the Ethereum blockchain. According to Coinbase, “Many of [the] largest institutional clients… increased or added first-time exposure to ETH in H1, believing the asset has long-term staying power tantamount to BTC’s…”
However, Binance is becoming a new ‘champion’ thanks to the major boom in daily transactions thanks to GameFi.   And that boom could explode even further, once SafeTitan cryptocurrency brand enters it’s planned phase 3.
In phase 3, SafeTitan will have launched a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) exchange solely for those with STTN tokens.    Some HODLers will earn money by loaning tokens via smart contract, against secured funds.  Others will seek the loans and use tokens for desired purchases.
SafeTitan will have a pre-ICO today or tomorrow for early registrants. The actual initial coin offering launch will not be until October 14th now.  However all must be registered before October 9th to purchase the token at .005.
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