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Silicon Valley lawmaker says stop the monkey business – San José Spotlight – San José Spotlight

State Assemblymember Alex Lee is the latest victim of negative campaign monkey business.
Over the last few weeks, the Housing Providers for Responsible Solutions political action committee (PAC) has spent nearly $1 million on mailers, ads and texts opposing Lee—about a third of what the PAC has spent this year. The PAC is largely funded by the California Association of Realtors and the California Apartment Association.
Negative mailers and texts are certainly not new in Silicon Valley, but those sent out by the PAC have made waves on social media.
In a recent mailer, the PAC describes Lee as “playing with monkeys and Minecraft at work — not solving problems,” referring to a popular video game Lee streamed himself playing. It also calls Lee a politician instead of a Democrat—which was used to describe his opponents Kansen Chu, who served in the Assembly before, and Fremont City Councilmember Teresa Keng. Lee is a lifelong Democrat.
“It’s so weird,” Lee told San José Spotlight. “They just want to cause chaos, spreading misinformation, and frankly, these are some of the dirtiest tactics that people turn off from democracy.”
So did the realtors go “he lives with his mom!” and everyone said “yeah, that’s good enough, print it”
— Lloyd Alaban (@lloydalaban) June 2, 2022

The mailer also points out that Lee lives at home with mother, which according to the state lawmaker is common for young adults in his district because of economic necessity. He said it’s party why he is “so vigorously pro-housing.”
Lee said the PAC has gone above and beyond to mislead voters and discredit the work he has done during his first term in the state Legislature because they do not like his support of affordable housing and other progressive stances. Lee is chair of the Select Committee on Social Housing, and just last week his bill on social housing passed out of the Assembly floor and is heading to the Senate.
“This is an unusually high amount of attention they’re putting on me because they are trying to uphold the status quo,” Lee said. “They can’t buy me so they are trying to break me.”
A Santa Clara County Association of Realtors representative said the group does not make endorsements at the state level, but endorsed more moderate business-leaning candidates in the county like mayoral candidate and San Jose Councilmember Matt Mahan, county supervisor candidate Johnny Khamis and San Jose District 3 City Council candidates Joanna Rauh and Irene Smith.
“Candidates that support (the association’s) mission of promoting and protecting private property rights have received endorsements,” President Lisa Faria told San José Spotlight. “As for statewide races, decisions to support candidates are made at the state level by the California Association of Realtors.”
The California Association of Realtors and the California Apartment Association did not respond to requests for comment.
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Hope everyone is enjoying their late-stage Capitalism. Best government money can buy.
And those two scumbag organizations like to buy their Government! The realtors gave $1.3M to help Gavin Newsom save his hide in the recall. Why? What did they want/get in return? They got Newsom’s support for Prop 19, which gutted Prop 13, but creates more real estate transactions (i.e. 6% commissions for them!). What a sick way to do business.
CAA, oh my, where to start….They are the pay-to-play monsters of CA and unfortunately, there are plenty of corrupt Democrats willing to play with them and give them what they want for their corporate landlord masters – as long as they get to stay in power.
You can partially blame those two orgs for much of what is wrong with CA today.
CA Realtors and Apartment Association should be ashamed about their bold faced lies and idiotic mailers. Their ridiculous attacks solidified my vote for Alex Lee!
Welcome to the one-party system. Just as cut-throat as the two-party system was — maybe even more so.😂😱
“Candidates that support (the association’s) mission of promoting and protecting private property rights have received endorsements,” President Lisa Faria told San José Spotlight.
If that’s so, why didn’t you endorse Dev Davis??!
Neither Matt Mahan nor Dev Davis respect property rights – both of them are running for mayor on campaigns that promise stopping the state from stopping cities from stopping property owner’s from exercising their rights. If they really cared about property rights then they would support SB9, but they want a society where some people have the right to decide what other people can or can’t do with their property.
Can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. It’s politics, what did you expect. Instead of complaining about “misinformation”, go out and make a compelling argument for yourself. Does this really need to be said?
Good job Spotlight on putting the spotlight on those organizations in the PAC.
Those hiding behind PACs to try to influence elections need to be more transparent.
But I guess hiding behind PACs associations, individuals and businesses show their true colors . And that is the point.
Alex Lee being opposed by the California Apartment Association and the California Association of Realtors would make me much more likely to vote for him. If Lee could also gain opposition from the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the Bay Area Council, then he’d be a slam dunk.
However the reality is that Teresa Keng would be a much better assembly member. As an Assembly Member, Alex Lee has consistently voted for legislation that has worsened the affordable housing crisis and has exacerbated homelessness. Kansen Chu is even worse, he doesn’t even read or understand the bills that he votes on. Lan Diep was Sam Liccardo’s lapdog and has no credibility at all.
I heard that there’s a Republican running as well, but “friends don’t let friends vote Republican.”
It is such a shame the Republican Party has jumped into bed with the Christian Nationalists and Religious Social conservatives. It has rendered them irrelevant in California, and deprived Californians of a choice to vote against ultra-progressive politicians who are in some unfettered race to give away taxpayer money at record levels, while releasing criminals, ignoring causes of homelessness and punishing working citizens…
Very scummy move by the California Association of Realtors. As a teacher, I could not afford to live outside of my parent’s house in the area I grew up in, and neither could many of the other teachers I worked with. Do we not deserve RESPECT because we are victims of the California housing crisis, the very same housing crisis created by policies that Alex Lee has pushed to end?
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